Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Nature Display: Puget Sound Sea Life

This is our nature display. We have a nature display because we like to learn by being able to touch, draw, inspect, use a microscope, a loupe, a magnifying glass and compare to nature guides. We have safely collected beach items from the Puget Sound area and the Pacific Ocean beaches where we are using them on our nature display. We always make sure we will not harm any animals, plants or habitats when we collect. We keep our collections small and responsible, being sure not to take a lot at one time or from one place. 

Other Nature Displays (big and small) we have had were on insects, rainforests, microhabitats, rocks, birds, gardening, ponds, frogs, coral reefs, trees, and a general display of fun things we have found in our travels.

We have collected clam shells, crab shells, stones, drift wood, sand dollars, sand samples, mussel shells, limpet shells, and oyster shells to put on display. We also have field guides, resource books, Puget Sound maps, and other local materials. I also like to keep my nature journal and colored pencils there. I use my nature display almost every day for fun and school lessons. I like to share my nature display when people visit. 

I am looking through our microscope at a small sand dollar. 

These are various crab shell parts and some drift wood pieces.

 These are a variety of shells and stones. 
This is a project I made on a local beach. I will post on how to do this at a later time.

Here I have a collection of small shells and stones.

We have little glass jars we keep a few small and fragile specimens. 

This is our bits of beach wood and some sand dollars, along with a few books and a fun puzzle for my brother.


  1. Great job Holly! You're such an inspiration to me!

  2. that looks like it was a lot of fun!